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Technical Tips

Impression Setting Tips for PECíS

The key advantage of a PEC is to provide a platform for a plate that will
allow for over impression, and absorb vibration that is created in the nip.
The vibration that is created is a combination of shafts turning, gears
meshing, plates contacting anilox rolls, variation in cylinder TIR, and the
shuddering created by the die cut station along the frame of the press.

The coating responds as a shock absorber and allows you to over-impress
the plate to the substrate with out the usual negative consequences.

Setting Impression

  1. Adjust the anilox roll to the plate, making equal adjustments to both
  2. After the plate is inked, adjust the plate to the substrate making equal
    adjustments to both sides to insure parallelism, and cylinder
  3. Once the printing plates inks the substrate, make small adjustments on
    impression until you are confident that the impression cylinder, plate
    cylinder, and anilox roll are parallel to each other, and slightly
  4. Back off the anilox roll impression until it just starts to skip.
  5. On some press configurations, you may have to advance the plate cylinder
    to the impression roll to avoid excess anilox to plate impression.

At this point, you may start to apply impression to the plate cylinder
until you achieve the desired results

Please Note: Former training may cause hesitation in applying impression to the plate cylinder. The product is designed to absorb the extra impression so do not be reluctant to squeeze the plate to the substrate.

PEC Mounting Tips

The unique polymer coating on the PEC allows you to mount your plates
directly to the cylinder using the recommended .005 tape. The durable
surface of the PEC is resistant to knife cuts and designed for easy mounting,
stripping, and remounting of plates.

PEC Surface Preparation and Plate Cleaning

Wipe the surface of the PEC with a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water,
and let dry. PECís are resistant to all flexo solvents and inks and will not
swell or degrade over time.
The polyester substrate of the photopolymer plate may contain residues from
the plate making process. The plate backing should be cleaned prior to
mounting in order to assure good adhesion and avoid plate lift.

Mounting Tape to Cylinder

The recommended tape is available from Nu Tech Coatings. It is perforated,
and has excellent adhesion which allows for:

  • Easy application to the cylinder.
  • Removal of the liner.
  • Virtually assures that any trapped air will be allowed to escape.
  1. Secure the tape to the lead edge first, and with the heal of your hand;
    apply pressure to the liner with a sweeping motion across the cylinder.
  2. Slowly turn the cylinder and continue to lay down the tape.
  3. Apply pressure to the tape to increase the contact and promote adhesion.
  4. For a uniform butt slice:
  • Allow the tape edges to overlap.
  • Cut through both layers of tape, angling the blade away from the
    tape edge.
  • Remove the trim.

    The PEC is cut resistant and will not be affected by the score.
Mounting Plate to Tape
  1. If the tape lifts from the cylinder as a result of repositioning the plate,
    push the tape back on the cylinder and continue mounting. It is not
    necessary to remove the tape and begin again due to wrinkles or air
    pockets in the tape during the mounting procedure.
  2. Use a rubber roller or your hand and apply pressure to the entire plate
    surface, particularly the lead and trail edges.

    Please Note: The sole function of the tape is to provide adhesion of the plate
    to the surface of the PEC. Air pockets or small wrinkles between the plate to
    tape, or tape to cylinder, will not affect the performance of the product.

Tape and Plate Removal

Remove the plate from the tape at a 90° angle. A slow removal rate will be
most effective and limit damage to the plate.
Use the same technique when removing the tape from the PEC. You may opt
to leave the tape on the PEC for future use and recognize additional savings.


PECís should not be stored in direct sunlight or on their side. A peg storage system is recommended, or place cylinders in a vertical position.

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